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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elizabeth Park

Hi Everyone-
The rain stopped just in time for our trip to see the rose garden at Elizabeth Park and enjoy lunch at the Pond House.  Above is a photograph of Elizabeth park taken by our resident Marna.  Too see more of Marna's photography stop by The Canterbury.  We have several of a series titled "Blossoms" on display in the foyer and in the dining room.

A lady walked by The Canterbury yesterday and said to our Maintenance Director Jim, "it's starting to look like Elizabeth Park here".  That is mainly due to the work of our residents Eunice and Gladys.  These two gardeners received a certificate for a tour of The Mark Twain House at our last resident meeting because of the beautification program they have initiated, making The Canterbury resemble Elizabeth Park to passers by!

Happy Summer!


Friday, June 10, 2011


Hi All!
We are safe and sound after another round of thunderstorms.  The Wii is in operation in the Recreation room, residents are on the patio, a scrabble game is taking place in the lounge, and it is time for me to wish you a happy and healthy weekend!

Please feel free to stop by The Canterbury and see all the new flowers Gladys and Eunice have planted :D
If you can't come over, why not visit our website at

Thanks everyone. Don't be afraid to press "follow this blog".  I'd love to have you as one of our group!
Frankie is here!  Time to go :D

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

By The Way

Last week we went to the Casino...this week The Mystic Aquarium is on our calendar.  Have you looked at a Beluga whale up close?  They are fantastic!!!
All you have to do is live at Canterbury, sign up on your bulletin board, and you are whisked away to fun and exciting places!
Canterbury- something to look forward to!

There's room on the van for more :D

For more information contact me, Emily,  at

Friday, June 3, 2011


Good afternoon!

We were a southerly wind and a sound away from literally feeling your agony.  Our distance is short, and our heart strings solid.
Rest in peace to the victims of this tornado.  To those trying to make sense and rebuild, we are sending our love and support.

Our hearts also go out to our fallen troops, and all those brave souls serving and supporting those in the military.

Have a good weekend everyone.
Let us not take anything for granted.

I've been here at Canterbury fifteen years TODAY (shhhh), and am feeling very sentimental.