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Friday, May 20, 2011

Being New Here

Good Morning!

I have a new resident in the office right now telling me how she told her kids about the ease and convenience of our grocery shopping trip.  "All I had to do was pick out and pay for the groceries, everything else was done for me.  Wait 'till I tell you the best part...we got back to the house...everyone just went up to their  apartments so I did the same...pretty soon a knock came to the door...where would you like these"? Brian said.  Brian told her "We do all of this but what we don't do is eat the groceries". haha

The resident, who prefers not to be named, said "I jumped off the bus, but it never dawned on me where I was going to meet the bus or how much time I a kid in school I went back to where they left me off..He helps you into the bus... I never thought I would get to this point in life (she's 88) where I would get to...

.....then we were interrupted by Maggie May showing signs of a tummy ache.  It's been a tough week for a thunderstorm anxiety problemed dog!  I remember we had a resident who used to tranqualize his dog during thunderstorms, after he would crawl in the bathtub.  It was sad!

 I've had Maggie here all week due to her thunderstorm anxiety.  I gave her Rescue Remedy, a natural supposed cure, for the first time ever yesterday, but today her stomach is bothering her....hmmmnnnn.  If you don't know who Maggie May is, just page up.  Her picture is on the blog about the Hartford fire and book group we have here at The Canterbury,

Funny, (I realize I'm on a complete tangent about the dog now) as I was soothing her I realized she could've eaten all kinds of things yesterday.  Gladys, our resident who tends the gardens (and former Simsbury cop) walked Maggie over to the nursing home down the street where her husband Don (also former Simsbury cop- Captain I think) is recuperating.  If I know Gretchen (who is also recuperating there and called to say how nice it was to see Maggie), she found something to feed her!  Maybe Maggie had too much people food yesterday!

Then there was the "beggin strip" Brian brought in for her yesterday...she has NEVER had one of those either....funny!  Maggie May be paying for the fun day she had here with us yesterday!

Well- I got off on a tangent.  The lady who I mentioned moved here recently is so kind and upbeat- we are lucky to have her.  She took care of her husband who had a stroke at about 55 years old until he was about 75 years old.  She promised him he would never have to go to a nursing home and she kept that promise.  I get to be witness to fabulous marriages (and promises) here...the likes of which are harder to find in the busy world we live in today,

This lady waited six years to move here, not wanting to leave her home.  She seems glad she's here now, and I'm so happy to get to know her- she is LOVELY!  I want to say more about her but she'd rather stay under the radar for now so I will sign off, wishing you a wonderful weekend and I appreciate you listening and taking the time to get to know Canterbury!

Best Wishes!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Losses and gains

Hi folks! -

As the van pulls out for grocery shopping  I'm thinking about the week ahead, and reflecting on losses, and remembering they come with gains. 

We have six people moving in this month!!!!!  Some have lost the desire to take care of a big house and and some their desire to drive.  Several lost a spouse.  All are going to gain new skills and friendships as they spend  time in our community.  There will be choices, to rent or purchase, to dine or eat in, to attend activities or not, take the van to West Hartford center and window shop or stay home.  The choices here are endless.

Working here allows me the joy of seeing new friendships blossom, pretty much from day one, where losses create comaraderie and bring an instant bond.

Two friends of mine just attended funerals; one lost a sister, the other an aunt and Godmother.  We attended a memorial service for a former resident, 104 years young at the time of her passing.  "She was generous with her love" describes her perfectly. 

When we have to say goodbye, for whatever reason,  it is helpful to look at what is in front of that open door; with hope and faith that things are happening as they should and for the best.  We have all heard the phrase "brighter days ahead", or "you've got to take the good with the bad", and "without rain there'd be no rainbows" (oh by the way I need to complain about people complaining about the rain!!!!- laugh!).

That's what moving on entails; regret, sadness, and sometimes tears; but also hope for a better future.

I love telling my friends, when they are having relationship difficulties, "rejection is God's protection".

So today, I have losses and gains on my mind.  If anyone cares to chime in please do.  If you have questions about the gains of moving to easy retirement living please contact me at and put "easy living" in the subject line.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!  Have a great day.  I'll see you when the flowers are popping out because of all the rain we are having!

Big HUGS, Emily

Well I see people who were isolated and bored become Wii bowling experts. 

{whoa- someone just called me "delightful"- that felt good!!!}