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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Hartford Fire

 Good Morning Everyone:

Ed is here again, talking while I'm trying to blog (laugh).  "You are not writing that- I am not giving you permission to put that in the blog.  Are you really writing that stuff?  OK I'll finish it- Happy Birthday {belated} Emily- put that in the blog" he spouted.  He is practically a professional teaser so I can not resist.

Folks, I woke up this morning to the greatest bird singing in answer, over and over, to another bird.  I so wanted to get up and record it; knowing that one of you is a bird watcher and could tell me what this bird looks like.  After a beautiful evening (minus the Sabres hockey team falling out of the playoffs) it was a lovely morning too. Our grounds are bursting with flowers and glowing green grass.

Please, if you are reading this, find the button to press to become a "follower of this blog"!  I think it'll be more fun somehow seeing who all of you are.  The bosses say this is a popular blog; something about where it pops up in the search engine tells them that many people are reading it.
Don't be shy :D Chime in. All I ask is that we keep it positive :D There's enough negativity in the world.  Gossip and criticism may go elsewhere, but not at or around here!  That's part of what makes The Canterbury so special.

I am saying keep it positive, but I have something serious to share with you now.  I warn, some of you may not want to read the rest of todays blog.

I have often said one benefit to working with folks "over 55" is the wonderful stories I get to hear.  The recollection of events, especially the war stories I've heard, would embarrass any Hollywood writer.

Yesterday, during our book group, Marna (who I mentioned yesterday) brought a personal article relaying events about the Hartford circus fire.  I share it with you, again with a warning.  It is a tragic tale, as well as a survival story. 

Imagine that- the whole family was gone...and he wanted to get tickets with the dean but they were all sold out.  Also- to find the article on the 60th anniversary of the!

Mrs. O'Brien, a prior resident of our sister retirement home, Delamere Woods, had sons who were at the circus that day and "scampered out" according to John, a Realtor that's worked with us for years.  Please, if you have anything to share do not hesitate.  Thanks for joining me today :).  Time to change the subject, although it is difficult to transition from such a story.

Just recently John helped six people who are preparing to move to Canterbury just this month!  We are bustling!, busy! and popular!  Hurray. 

Yesterday, while our book group discussed Water For Elephants, the novel that instigated our discussion of the Hartford circus fire, and the movie our residents are taking the van to see today, I had our (hard wired) smoke detectors outside the elevator changed.  This was a $1,500. upgrade to our state-of- the art fire system here  at Canterbury.  24/7 someone is always in the building to personally respond to emergencies!

Here are pictures of our book group and then TJ, the gentleman from Total Protection Security Systems LLC, who installed the new smoke detectors.  My dog Maggie May visiting was there also!

Barbara recounts her personal experience when the circus came to town.  She has a family who rented an upstairs apartment from her dad.  They were part of the "freak show" and it was disturbing to talk about it.  Our book group members form lasting bonds getting to know each other in this personal way.

Linda ponders what she is hearing.

Maggie May enjoys lively discussion.
Pets are allowed at The Canterbury.

Barbara also runs a daily exercise program for canterbury residents.  when she had knee surgery she was quick to heal,  as her Physical Therapist asked her to do exercises she was already used to doing every day!

We follow a list of questions during our book group.

T.J. from the fire systems company- his dad has trained him well.
Serendipitous the fire system upgrades are occurring as we discuss the book and the hartford circus fire.

If you have memories of the Hartford Fire, a family pet (remember, pets are allowed here) or if you want to share anything, I cordially invite you to do so!

Take Good Care! It has been a pleasure :D
PS: One last picture... I took it this morning...a good way to end...
P.S.S.  It feels remiss not to remember our soldiers with gratitude.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

terrific Tuesday

Hi Everyone!

There's lots going on at The Canterbury!

Come on Over!  We have fresh portugese rolls straight from the bakery this morning to feast on while you wait for Rose, our nurse, to check your blood pressure. 

Today residents are taking the van to their doctor's appointments.

Jim in Maintenance is putting some patio chairs outside and the housekeeping department is opening windows to let the fresh air in.

Our book group is discussing Water for Elephants today, and it is Wii and chair exercises in the lounge after that.

Here's a photo of one of our talented residents, Marna.  Is there anything this woman can not do?  She sent her brother a picture she painted:
Hope those of you who celebrate enjoyed the holidays, and we hope to see you soon.  If you can't stop by, trying checking out our website at

Take care!  Emily

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Party!

Hi Everyone!
Today the hairdresser is here getting everyone ready for the Birthday party we are havibng this afternoon.  Every month we celebrate all the birthdays of the month.  We have entertainment, goodies and cake!  Even gluten free products for those who have special dietary needs or are watching their figure!
Did I already mention we are reading Water for Elephants and having a discussion about it on Tuesday, then going to see the movie on Wednesday?  After that we are meeting with Bristow school across the street to discuss the book Waiting for Normal.
I will try to get some pictures up here today :)
Have a wonderful day and enjoy watching everything bloom.  Your social life could also bloom if you made the move to community living.  At Canterbury you can do your own thing, or participate in group activities.  The choice is yours to dine with us, or prepare meals in your fully appointed kitchen.  Our van driver is starting the van now to bring residents to Big Y.  It's so convenient to have this service and your grocery bags are carried right to your kitchen counter.  You get to save your energy for the fun things like the party this afternoon.
To learn more go to
Thanks for your interest :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happiness is.....

Happiness is having great residents and staff (really).
As I sat in the dining room with Mr. Pierce going over the welcome book, I watched as resident after resident extended a warm hand of friendship to this gentleman.  We really are a friendly and close knit group here.  It was great to see such warmth, but really nothing new, I just took the opportunity to really take it in.
Before that, I sat with a group of residents for our book group to discuss The Help.  We had such a wonderful time getting better acquainted by telling our stories that related to the story we read.  Next up is Water For Elephants, and then we will see the film.  After that we meet with the kids from Bristow Middle School to discuss the book Waiting For Normal.
One of the Property Management team was distracting me while I wrote this (Ed).  He said something critical about someone and I wrote on the back of a saying I carried in my purse today "Rx: no gossip or criticism" of others today.  He was cute.  He taped it to his sweatshirt and walked off with a big grin.
I have pictures but am having trouble finding where they downloaded to on this laptop.  I also took a picture of Ed helping a resident (Linda) get something out of her eye, after my attempt failed. Time to go see who is winning the Wii bowling tournament in the lounge next door.
See you soon!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011