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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone!

I didn't bring my keys with with me and so far I have remembered all my different passwords to different accounts, Facebook, here, etc.  Hurray!

We have had so many parties lately it has been a whirlwind!  Why just this week, we had our BIG holiday party in the dining room,  a Hanukka celebration in the foyer, a van trip to see the lights and a birthday party for the whole house is today!

Someone just stopped in to show his daughter the community he thinks his mom is coming to and they were so apologetic for "just popping in again".  I was THRILLED!!!!  It is so nice to see supportive family members! This adorable girl (same name as I) just wanted to see if the place her grandmother was coming to live seemed OK.  LOVE IT!!!

You know, the holidays are so meaningful to your elderly relatives.  Many have had huge losses; spouse, home, and car to name a few.  Memories flood and any extra support is appreciated.  They need and deserve it! 

I hope you have happy holidays and our best to your family.



Monday, December 5, 2011

Craft group

Hi Everyone!

 Happy December and Happy Monday!  The office has been non-stop busy this morning, and we have a brand new resident downstairs, enjoying coffee and company in the dining room.  I try to drop what I'm doing when a resident is new here because there are usually many questions to be answered!

Here's something fun!  Look what the craft will be tomorrow:

A seashell pin!

If you have been thinking about coming over to see us why not drop by at 2:30pm on Tuesday December 6th.  While you are here you may want to make a seashill pin for a holiday gift, or for yourself.

Off to (hopefully) get some paperwork completed!

Have a great day!  Emily

Monday, November 21, 2011


Hi All! 
It's holiday time and we are raking up the leaves on our lawns, residents are riding  the Canterbury van to the grocery store and our cook is cooking up a storm in our kitchen because TONIGHT we have a BIG Thanksgiving dinner in our dining room!
Come on over to our sing-a-long in between!  We also have a Wii game planned for 3:00PM and chair exercises at 4:00PM.
We are grateful to have each other and our residents are grateful for our services and for the activity-filled days they have here at the Canterbury.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and Happy Monday!  Also, If I don't get back here again before Thursday, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  It is a time to connect with people we don't usually see and to appreciate. 
Be well,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Step up.

Hi all! 

 Did you vote yesterday?  Our van ride to the polls was at 3:00PM, after we returned from Hometown Buffet and the Grocery Store.

Did you call CL&P when your power went out? 860-947-2000. Once I knew Canterbury residents were safe and sound, I volunteered for a town Emergency Operations center.  We were almost in constant touch with a CL&P representative, who explained that the workers get in their truck and look at their screen and go to where they see a cluster of calls coming from.

I found a random paper that had me pondering about good deeds.  Then storm Albert hit Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and some of New Hampshire.

The coming of winter usually brings prospective residents to visit. Usually it's our busiest time, as people ponder another season of shoveling, or moving here to easy living.  While Canterbury plays a vital role in the community, when a storm of Albert's magnitude hits, this home can be life saving.  I am from the "City of Good Neighbors" Buffalo, New York.  We are friendly and we know we have each other during our big snow storms.  Similarly, Canterbury residents who didn't have family available to help them could rely on someone here to help meet their needs during storm Albert.

The Holiday next door, and their cook Norma, made us three meals a day (and so much more) for six days, as we dealt with the inconveniences to our modern conveniences (WOW!). So many people stepped forward and did something to improve the lives of our residents, and several staff members came in and volunteered just to help us out.

We have a "thank-you note table" in our lounge and our residents are writing to the many individuals who helped out during the storm.  In this time of crisis people showed true compassion and selfless service, and it made a difference.  These storms can bring up people's vulnerabilities and fears.  "What's winter going to bring for my single elderly mom"? one asks.  We here at The Canterbury witnessed so many people, government officials, town and Cl&P workers, property managers, family members, employees...the list is endless....step right up.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Policewoman and ER Nurse

Hi Everyone-

Our two residents got together in the dining room (after the van ride to Wood N' Tap restaurant in Farmington Ct.) to plan a gathering to welcome all the new residents who have recently joined us at The Canterbury.

Isn't it nice to know these retired professionals, one a former ER Nurse and the other, a former Policewoman, are still keeping busy and active at The Canterbury.

That is all I have time for today.  The rain outside made the office busy inside!  Lots of people came around to chat.

Have a good evening and if you are looking for things to do at The Canterbury, check out our clubs photo albums on facebook.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hi everyone!

Time flies!  Again it has been too long!  I was helping my own dad recently and I have a new appreciation for nurses and nurses aides, and for my dad!  Everyone wants to be comfortable, including our resident bunny rabbit.

Timothy the Rabbit is getting ready for winter with his new blanket, and his "mom" Marna brought pictures to share of his "fixing" his new blanket to his taste.

Housaekeeping can help Timothy as they wash Linens and towels for Canterbury residents once a week.

It's great to be back at Canterbury, the best kept secret in West Hartford.
If you have any questions about our services give me a call at 860.232-4833 or email me at

Also, Happy New Year (belated) to our Jewish friends.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Friday to Tuesday, Example number two

Hi All-

Well Friday turned to Monday and Monday went to Tuesday just as quickly.  I hope some of you are waiting for example number two!

Please, especially those of you in India who are following this blog, press "follower" to the lower right.  Don't be shy!

Okay, here it is, example number two of our caring:

For years we have worked with a few different cooks.  We have a lot of residents who are excellent cooks themselves.  When they take a break from that (we have full kitchens in our apartments) they expect a meal prepared well.

After a while, I summed up our needs to the people we chose to have cook for us:  I told them, it matters to me that the residents preferences matter to you.

Well, our cook asked me to print something for another cook filling in for her.  Without namimg anyone, let me share a few remarks she made.  They show how she DOES know the residents AND care!  I was tickled!  No wonder there are no complaints coming to the office about the meals!

First:  "There will be anywhere from _ to _ people"  (she is prepared for anyone deciding last minute-nice!)

"best to leave Mr. and Mrs. _______in the fridge with a note if they do not come to the dining room.

"_______ and _______ usually call later in the afternoon to see if there's room...I bought enough for them too..."

"Mr. and Mrs.______ friend, _____ usually joins them for dinner but has missed the last few, so he's a maybe/maybe not.  Again, plenty to go around."

"Knock on _____ door around 5:00 with a t-minus 30 minutes 'til dinner advisory"

"_________side of horseradish, _________side of white vinegar" get the idea.

This really made me SMILE!  She really cares for the resident needs :D

Thanks for listening :D

Friday, September 16, 2011

A big-hearted helper

Hi Folks :)  It's Friday :)

Today I am reflecting on something I'm sure I've said before, but it is amazing how we help each other here. 

The staff is in sync, and the service is astounding.

A regular apartment around the corner, without services and utilities included, costs the same amount as we charge!  That too, is truly amazing!

So, while our van drives all around town dropping people to their appointments, I'll give you two examples:

Yesterday I said to our Maintenance person, "pssst., come over here a minute".  I pointed out a resident working outside along the fence, picking up sticks and twigs. He and I discussed that this resident does a lot of little things for people around here and it adds up to a big- hearted helper around the grounds.  Our Maintenance person suggested I offer him a free dinner in the dining room, which I did.  Our Live-In Attendant said, "Nice of the cook to give this resident a dinner last night, he went into the dining room with the other residents and enjoyed himself".  I thought to myself, the perfect example of why Canterbury "works".  We are smaller and the staff looks out for each and every person.

Example number two (for today)...awwww....sorry...You'll have to wait for number two.  It's about our cook :)

Saying bye to a staff member's her birthday tomorrow!

See you soon,

Monday, September 12, 2011

After September 11th

Hi Everyone-

It is September 12th.

Canterbury residents were glad to have each other to watch the memorials with yesterday.  Having people around to turn to and to be with is a great benefit for anyone, many of the residents who previously were isolated in their homes really appreciate having people around (more than they thought they would).  We noticed too, the many stories of kindnesses shown during the tragedies of September 11th, 2001.  One act of kindness goes a long way.  I went to a Habitat for Humanity site in Hartford on Saturday morning.  The kindness of all those volunteers hammering away, and all the people who donated food for the event was amazing.

Yesterday, having people to watch the memorial with made a big difference.  Mr. Mark Twain said, "To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world".  If you are having an emergency, or are feeling a little down, you can easily find someone to help or just to talk to here at Canterbury.  No one is excluded in a community.

Today we are thinking about kindness.  If you have a good heart, a good life will follow, I think.

Winston Churchill said it best; "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give"

There are so many talented people here, and they know how to give back.  A former ER nurse was in the office this morning, wanting to be sure our residents are prepared for emergencies and wondering when the next resident's meeting is scheduled so she could do just that; remind everyone they need flashlights and the like.

Three of us met in the office this morning about our gardens.  A resident is getting her watering can as I am writing, to water the mums she purchased and donated from a sale at her church Saturday.  She is anxious to get them planted in the ground (we are re-doing all the front landscaping).

From Emerson: "One of the most beautiful compensations in life is that no man can help another without helping himself".

"Wherever there is a human being there is an opportunity for kindness" said Seneca, and our residents seem to instinctively know this.  They are interested in each other!  They want to know each other's stories and they support each other in many ways.

I'm glad I stopped while writing this.  In my head I thought without even realizing;  "I want to get this blog finished", but a resident wanted to tell me a story about the Griswold Inn in Essex (she was suggesting we go there for a van trip).  I am here writing about kindness and being a friend, so I stopped writing and listened. 

What I heard was a story reiterating that life can be short, so it is important to take the time to listen and be there for each other.
While she was at the Griswold Inn for a sing-a-long with her sister many years ago, she said a man there had the most beautiful voice they'd ever heard.  He came over and asked her and her sister to sing.  Turns out he was the VP of a big company in the area.  Singing with him, she described; "you couldn't miss".  The people who had come in from the boats thought they were professionals!

A week later her sister called and said "don't look at the paper".  That very man had perished in an auto accident.

Life can be short, or it can be long.  We do not know.  So let us make the most of each day we are given by being kind to each other!

Good seeing you again :)  Glad we have each other!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy September First!

Hi Everyone!

It has been busy here at The Canterbury!  We've had seven people move in in the last month and a half.  We are almost out of room!  With new residents come new welcome packets, updates to the birthday list, names on the mailbox and a myriad of other details to attend to.  I have had fun getting to know everyone.  We are LUCKY to have such fine people living here!

I hesitate to say it already, but it will be nice for these folks not to have to worry about snow!  We tend to get busy this time of year.  Now with hurricanes it sure is nice to be together and safe.

I passed a gal with a double stroller on the way in and invited her to come visit sometime.  I told her "I'm the director here, and my mom used to bring me to visit older people.  It was a nice moment when she gave a knowing smile.  She said she knows someone who just  moved in to The Holiday next door. 

Many moms will miss their kids as they head back to school.  Our Property Manager has two beautiful girls, and his wife said exactly that.  Their girls are absolutely lovely to be around.  They are in our Facebook photo album helping with the animals their mom and dad brought from their farm to the Canterbury front lawn!  There are some wonderful visiting grandchildren and pets that truly add life to our years. Here's Maggie's latest victim, Saul:

I'd just told her Saul was her "Grampy"

Hear no evil, see no evil, and bark no evil says "Grampy"

We had visitors over from the Holiday for a Sing-A-Long yesterday afternoon.  Our resident and board member invited her sister to play the piano and one lady from next door absolutely outdid herself singing the gospel hymns.  The moment was unforgettable according to the attendees; "There was love in the room" said one.

Arthur Rubenstein said, "If you love life, life will love you back".  That is what I think of when I think of us here at The Canterbury.  One of our Facebook friends recently posted that quote.  Please do friend us on Facebook, and we'd love to see you as a follower of this blog.  It's nice to see we have followers from as far away as Germany, Saudi Arabia, and more!

Next week we are headed out to the Pequot museum.  Right now, some residents are going through their storage areas, and one resident is teasing, "hurry up the bus is going" to a fellow resident.  Our van is headed to Shop-Rite.  I asked our driver just now, "anything to say for our blog" and he replied "full van today".

I think the gardening ladies should be taken out to dinner soon.  They have outdone themselves!  We have several residents running activities too; Bible study, Crafts, Wii, daily Exercise class, Karaoke, antiques appraisal and more.  What fun, smart and talented people who live here. 

I'm all over the place this morning...I guess a blog should be shorter and more frequent, then I wouldn't feel like I had to cram everything in at once.

I wanted to thank Susan Hulliet from the Town of West Hartford, who called us on Friday to give a telephone number for the Town of West Hartford Emergency Operations center set up for the storm.  That was REALLY NICE.  Our staff had their own extra people in so we didn't have to use that number, but it was nice to have just in case we had a worry about someone.  Thank you!  They refer people to us also, and I appreciate it.  It feels like an honor.

Okay!  Enough.  I am so sentimental.

"It is my nature...when in trouble sing, and it helps"...what a new resident just said when I told her it was so good to have her around here.  I'll end with that :)

Until we meet again,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Contented sigh

Hi Everyone!

I missed you, and this.  I've been tweeting a little; it's not just for birds anymore!

This morning I received an email that spoke right to my heart, and I had that sigh of relief that comes with knowing I am right on the same page with someone; no words needed.

It's the same relief I see on the faces of newer residents, still gaging their surroundings, when they are understood by both staff and residents.   Their needs are met without their having to state them.  It's what we are here for, and truthfully what we're good at.

I saw it on the faces of a son and dad when I pulled out the first aid kit yesterday to stop the blood.  We are prepared.  We understand what your needs are.  Pull the cord if you are having an emergency and you wont be alone; we will be right by your side in moments, 24/7.

How can I not be emotional?  This is important!

As I face my own father's aging, I'm reminded of how lucky we are here to have had the brilliant mind of our founder Ray Roy, the man who hired me and who built Canterbury.  Proudly we are one of the first of its kind in the area.  Our former Marketing Director happily had his own dad retire here a few years ago.  Actually most find us by word of mouth.  With our age change to 55, we have several younger, active, working people who have moved in, but we also cater to those in their later years.  You have your independence at Canterbury, and gentle un-intrusive support if and when you need it.

Just this very morning I was chatting with yet another lovely daughter-in-law helping her parents move in.  I asked, "How did you hear about us"?  She said when her parents, in their nineties, were thinking about a move, she asked around at work about possibilities for them.  Her co-worker said "I'll get you a booklet, my parents are happy there (here at Canterbury)"

Her husband just came to the office door:
He: "There's some grocery carts out here...may I use one (to bring items up and down)"
Me: "Of course, that's what they're here for" 
It's an absolute joy to see people learn we ARE what they'd hoped we'd be.  The details have been considered.  You are safe and you are loved here.  Isn't that what we are all looking for?

Hey! Our nurse is here, anyone need their blood pressure checked?  There's a continental breakfast set up outside the library.  Come on over!

It's great to be back at Canterbury.

With Warm Regards and Best Wishes,


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elizabeth Park

Hi Everyone-
The rain stopped just in time for our trip to see the rose garden at Elizabeth Park and enjoy lunch at the Pond House.  Above is a photograph of Elizabeth park taken by our resident Marna.  Too see more of Marna's photography stop by The Canterbury.  We have several of a series titled "Blossoms" on display in the foyer and in the dining room.

A lady walked by The Canterbury yesterday and said to our Maintenance Director Jim, "it's starting to look like Elizabeth Park here".  That is mainly due to the work of our residents Eunice and Gladys.  These two gardeners received a certificate for a tour of The Mark Twain House at our last resident meeting because of the beautification program they have initiated, making The Canterbury resemble Elizabeth Park to passers by!

Happy Summer!


Friday, June 10, 2011


Hi All!
We are safe and sound after another round of thunderstorms.  The Wii is in operation in the Recreation room, residents are on the patio, a scrabble game is taking place in the lounge, and it is time for me to wish you a happy and healthy weekend!

Please feel free to stop by The Canterbury and see all the new flowers Gladys and Eunice have planted :D
If you can't come over, why not visit our website at

Thanks everyone. Don't be afraid to press "follow this blog".  I'd love to have you as one of our group!
Frankie is here!  Time to go :D

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

By The Way

Last week we went to the Casino...this week The Mystic Aquarium is on our calendar.  Have you looked at a Beluga whale up close?  They are fantastic!!!
All you have to do is live at Canterbury, sign up on your bulletin board, and you are whisked away to fun and exciting places!
Canterbury- something to look forward to!

There's room on the van for more :D

For more information contact me, Emily,  at

Friday, June 3, 2011


Good afternoon!

We were a southerly wind and a sound away from literally feeling your agony.  Our distance is short, and our heart strings solid.
Rest in peace to the victims of this tornado.  To those trying to make sense and rebuild, we are sending our love and support.

Our hearts also go out to our fallen troops, and all those brave souls serving and supporting those in the military.

Have a good weekend everyone.
Let us not take anything for granted.

I've been here at Canterbury fifteen years TODAY (shhhh), and am feeling very sentimental.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Being New Here

Good Morning!

I have a new resident in the office right now telling me how she told her kids about the ease and convenience of our grocery shopping trip.  "All I had to do was pick out and pay for the groceries, everything else was done for me.  Wait 'till I tell you the best part...we got back to the house...everyone just went up to their  apartments so I did the same...pretty soon a knock came to the door...where would you like these"? Brian said.  Brian told her "We do all of this but what we don't do is eat the groceries". haha

The resident, who prefers not to be named, said "I jumped off the bus, but it never dawned on me where I was going to meet the bus or how much time I a kid in school I went back to where they left me off..He helps you into the bus... I never thought I would get to this point in life (she's 88) where I would get to...

.....then we were interrupted by Maggie May showing signs of a tummy ache.  It's been a tough week for a thunderstorm anxiety problemed dog!  I remember we had a resident who used to tranqualize his dog during thunderstorms, after he would crawl in the bathtub.  It was sad!

 I've had Maggie here all week due to her thunderstorm anxiety.  I gave her Rescue Remedy, a natural supposed cure, for the first time ever yesterday, but today her stomach is bothering her....hmmmnnnn.  If you don't know who Maggie May is, just page up.  Her picture is on the blog about the Hartford fire and book group we have here at The Canterbury,

Funny, (I realize I'm on a complete tangent about the dog now) as I was soothing her I realized she could've eaten all kinds of things yesterday.  Gladys, our resident who tends the gardens (and former Simsbury cop) walked Maggie over to the nursing home down the street where her husband Don (also former Simsbury cop- Captain I think) is recuperating.  If I know Gretchen (who is also recuperating there and called to say how nice it was to see Maggie), she found something to feed her!  Maybe Maggie had too much people food yesterday!

Then there was the "beggin strip" Brian brought in for her yesterday...she has NEVER had one of those either....funny!  Maggie May be paying for the fun day she had here with us yesterday!

Well- I got off on a tangent.  The lady who I mentioned moved here recently is so kind and upbeat- we are lucky to have her.  She took care of her husband who had a stroke at about 55 years old until he was about 75 years old.  She promised him he would never have to go to a nursing home and she kept that promise.  I get to be witness to fabulous marriages (and promises) here...the likes of which are harder to find in the busy world we live in today,

This lady waited six years to move here, not wanting to leave her home.  She seems glad she's here now, and I'm so happy to get to know her- she is LOVELY!  I want to say more about her but she'd rather stay under the radar for now so I will sign off, wishing you a wonderful weekend and I appreciate you listening and taking the time to get to know Canterbury!

Best Wishes!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Losses and gains

Hi folks! -

As the van pulls out for grocery shopping  I'm thinking about the week ahead, and reflecting on losses, and remembering they come with gains. 

We have six people moving in this month!!!!!  Some have lost the desire to take care of a big house and and some their desire to drive.  Several lost a spouse.  All are going to gain new skills and friendships as they spend  time in our community.  There will be choices, to rent or purchase, to dine or eat in, to attend activities or not, take the van to West Hartford center and window shop or stay home.  The choices here are endless.

Working here allows me the joy of seeing new friendships blossom, pretty much from day one, where losses create comaraderie and bring an instant bond.

Two friends of mine just attended funerals; one lost a sister, the other an aunt and Godmother.  We attended a memorial service for a former resident, 104 years young at the time of her passing.  "She was generous with her love" describes her perfectly. 

When we have to say goodbye, for whatever reason,  it is helpful to look at what is in front of that open door; with hope and faith that things are happening as they should and for the best.  We have all heard the phrase "brighter days ahead", or "you've got to take the good with the bad", and "without rain there'd be no rainbows" (oh by the way I need to complain about people complaining about the rain!!!!- laugh!).

That's what moving on entails; regret, sadness, and sometimes tears; but also hope for a better future.

I love telling my friends, when they are having relationship difficulties, "rejection is God's protection".

So today, I have losses and gains on my mind.  If anyone cares to chime in please do.  If you have questions about the gains of moving to easy retirement living please contact me at and put "easy living" in the subject line.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!  Have a great day.  I'll see you when the flowers are popping out because of all the rain we are having!

Big HUGS, Emily

Well I see people who were isolated and bored become Wii bowling experts. 

{whoa- someone just called me "delightful"- that felt good!!!}

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Hartford Fire

 Good Morning Everyone:

Ed is here again, talking while I'm trying to blog (laugh).  "You are not writing that- I am not giving you permission to put that in the blog.  Are you really writing that stuff?  OK I'll finish it- Happy Birthday {belated} Emily- put that in the blog" he spouted.  He is practically a professional teaser so I can not resist.

Folks, I woke up this morning to the greatest bird singing in answer, over and over, to another bird.  I so wanted to get up and record it; knowing that one of you is a bird watcher and could tell me what this bird looks like.  After a beautiful evening (minus the Sabres hockey team falling out of the playoffs) it was a lovely morning too. Our grounds are bursting with flowers and glowing green grass.

Please, if you are reading this, find the button to press to become a "follower of this blog"!  I think it'll be more fun somehow seeing who all of you are.  The bosses say this is a popular blog; something about where it pops up in the search engine tells them that many people are reading it.
Don't be shy :D Chime in. All I ask is that we keep it positive :D There's enough negativity in the world.  Gossip and criticism may go elsewhere, but not at or around here!  That's part of what makes The Canterbury so special.

I am saying keep it positive, but I have something serious to share with you now.  I warn, some of you may not want to read the rest of todays blog.

I have often said one benefit to working with folks "over 55" is the wonderful stories I get to hear.  The recollection of events, especially the war stories I've heard, would embarrass any Hollywood writer.

Yesterday, during our book group, Marna (who I mentioned yesterday) brought a personal article relaying events about the Hartford circus fire.  I share it with you, again with a warning.  It is a tragic tale, as well as a survival story. 

Imagine that- the whole family was gone...and he wanted to get tickets with the dean but they were all sold out.  Also- to find the article on the 60th anniversary of the!

Mrs. O'Brien, a prior resident of our sister retirement home, Delamere Woods, had sons who were at the circus that day and "scampered out" according to John, a Realtor that's worked with us for years.  Please, if you have anything to share do not hesitate.  Thanks for joining me today :).  Time to change the subject, although it is difficult to transition from such a story.

Just recently John helped six people who are preparing to move to Canterbury just this month!  We are bustling!, busy! and popular!  Hurray. 

Yesterday, while our book group discussed Water For Elephants, the novel that instigated our discussion of the Hartford circus fire, and the movie our residents are taking the van to see today, I had our (hard wired) smoke detectors outside the elevator changed.  This was a $1,500. upgrade to our state-of- the art fire system here  at Canterbury.  24/7 someone is always in the building to personally respond to emergencies!

Here are pictures of our book group and then TJ, the gentleman from Total Protection Security Systems LLC, who installed the new smoke detectors.  My dog Maggie May visiting was there also!

Barbara recounts her personal experience when the circus came to town.  She has a family who rented an upstairs apartment from her dad.  They were part of the "freak show" and it was disturbing to talk about it.  Our book group members form lasting bonds getting to know each other in this personal way.

Linda ponders what she is hearing.

Maggie May enjoys lively discussion.
Pets are allowed at The Canterbury.

Barbara also runs a daily exercise program for canterbury residents.  when she had knee surgery she was quick to heal,  as her Physical Therapist asked her to do exercises she was already used to doing every day!

We follow a list of questions during our book group.

T.J. from the fire systems company- his dad has trained him well.
Serendipitous the fire system upgrades are occurring as we discuss the book and the hartford circus fire.

If you have memories of the Hartford Fire, a family pet (remember, pets are allowed here) or if you want to share anything, I cordially invite you to do so!

Take Good Care! It has been a pleasure :D
PS: One last picture... I took it this morning...a good way to end...
P.S.S.  It feels remiss not to remember our soldiers with gratitude.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

terrific Tuesday

Hi Everyone!

There's lots going on at The Canterbury!

Come on Over!  We have fresh portugese rolls straight from the bakery this morning to feast on while you wait for Rose, our nurse, to check your blood pressure. 

Today residents are taking the van to their doctor's appointments.

Jim in Maintenance is putting some patio chairs outside and the housekeeping department is opening windows to let the fresh air in.

Our book group is discussing Water for Elephants today, and it is Wii and chair exercises in the lounge after that.

Here's a photo of one of our talented residents, Marna.  Is there anything this woman can not do?  She sent her brother a picture she painted:
Hope those of you who celebrate enjoyed the holidays, and we hope to see you soon.  If you can't stop by, trying checking out our website at

Take care!  Emily

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Party!

Hi Everyone!
Today the hairdresser is here getting everyone ready for the Birthday party we are havibng this afternoon.  Every month we celebrate all the birthdays of the month.  We have entertainment, goodies and cake!  Even gluten free products for those who have special dietary needs or are watching their figure!
Did I already mention we are reading Water for Elephants and having a discussion about it on Tuesday, then going to see the movie on Wednesday?  After that we are meeting with Bristow school across the street to discuss the book Waiting for Normal.
I will try to get some pictures up here today :)
Have a wonderful day and enjoy watching everything bloom.  Your social life could also bloom if you made the move to community living.  At Canterbury you can do your own thing, or participate in group activities.  The choice is yours to dine with us, or prepare meals in your fully appointed kitchen.  Our van driver is starting the van now to bring residents to Big Y.  It's so convenient to have this service and your grocery bags are carried right to your kitchen counter.  You get to save your energy for the fun things like the party this afternoon.
To learn more go to
Thanks for your interest :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happiness is.....

Happiness is having great residents and staff (really).
As I sat in the dining room with Mr. Pierce going over the welcome book, I watched as resident after resident extended a warm hand of friendship to this gentleman.  We really are a friendly and close knit group here.  It was great to see such warmth, but really nothing new, I just took the opportunity to really take it in.
Before that, I sat with a group of residents for our book group to discuss The Help.  We had such a wonderful time getting better acquainted by telling our stories that related to the story we read.  Next up is Water For Elephants, and then we will see the film.  After that we meet with the kids from Bristow Middle School to discuss the book Waiting For Normal.
One of the Property Management team was distracting me while I wrote this (Ed).  He said something critical about someone and I wrote on the back of a saying I carried in my purse today "Rx: no gossip or criticism" of others today.  He was cute.  He taped it to his sweatshirt and walked off with a big grin.
I have pictures but am having trouble finding where they downloaded to on this laptop.  I also took a picture of Ed helping a resident (Linda) get something out of her eye, after my attempt failed. Time to go see who is winning the Wii bowling tournament in the lounge next door.
See you soon!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We have balconies!

Hi All!
I took a photo of our balconies.  Some have been re-done and stained.  They are lovely, especially for our residents who enjoy reading outside and growing flowers, herbs, tomatoes, etc.  One resident has been responsible for extensive planting on the grounds, including this "Butterfly Bush", ready to bloom soon:
To view more pictures of Canterbury go to our website at
Thanks for listening, and have a great day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hi everyone!

It is COLD outside!  Good thing our van driver starts up the van early and turns the heat on.  It is nice getting into a warm van on a cold morning, with someone else taking care of the driving!

Residents are off to the grocery store.  Our driver carries the groceries up to the apartments for the residents.
Canterbury residents save their energy for the fun activities instead of on burdensome chores.

This weekend several residents went to Bristow School across the street and enjoyed the production of Guys and Dolls.  They tols me there were over one hundred kids involved!  We also had teens from a local church come and play games and provide entertainment.

Today we have a pianist in the afternoon.  Come on over, relax, enjoy some refreshments and good music.

The coffee is always hot at The Canterbury.



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Public is Invited!

Hi All!

We are VERY busy here today.  Our residents took our van to The Red Lobster this morning a new group just filled up the van to go see a show at Hall High School.

Everyone is glad the snow isn't coming down yet so they have time to snuggle in before the snowplowers and sidewalk shovelers arrive.

Don't worry, spring is here.  The snow will melt as quickly as it comes. 

Snow reminded me of slippery.

* We having a speaker on Fall Prevention in our Recreation Room on Tuesday the 29th of March. *

That's it for now, hope to see you on the 29th at 2PM!
Emily :D

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top O the Afternoon to you!!!!

Hi Everyone!
Happy St. Patty's Day.  You know you are ALL Irish today.  I am wearing LIME green and our residents are enjoying themselves today, grocery shopping, meeting for lunch and games. 

Green is not the only color that is different around here!
Our hallways are being renovated with new paint from top to bottom on the first floor.

Speaking of inside, I can not believe how BEAUTIFUL it is outside!!!!!!!!!!!  SPRING IS HERE!!!(my favorite).

I'm a wee bit funny, so let's give it a go:
What's Irish and comes out in the summer?...................Patty O FUUURNITURE!!!! 
I hope that gave you a smile :)
Until next time,

Monday, March 7, 2011

Rain and Snow

Hi everyone!

Are you all rested from the weekend?  Our maintenance man installed wonderful sump pumps long ago that come on automatically so fotunately we had no rain in our basement.  Items in the storage areas are clean and dry.

Our van is at the grocery store, and our snowplowers probably don't have to worry about the few flakes that  have arrived.  Even though everyone seems to have had enough of the snnow, it is nice to see something other than rain!  Several  people I know had a lot of problems with the rain and were up during the night to check and move their sump pumps.  Water sure does come quickly when there is a flood!

So that's why our easy living has become even more popular lately!  After a tough winter people begin to wonder what easy living would be like!

Come on over !

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March first! File of Life.

Hi Everyone!-

I couldn't let the first day in March go by without saying "hello"!

June Gifford, our resident and a former ER nurse, is running an activity helping people fill out the File of Life card.  Our friends at the West Hartford Fire Department were kind enough to donate these life-saving information cards that stay on your refrigerator.

In case of emergency,  all pertinent information emergency personnel need is right at their fingertips.  They know what hospital you prefer even if you are unable to tell them, as well as other potentially life-saving health information!

Below is a picture of Hanna and June filling out the File of Life card.

If you don't have one, stop by.  We would be glad to share ours.  Come to 45 Highland Street in West Hartford CT, right between Fern Street and Farmington Avenue.  We will have a pot of coffee on and we look forward to seeing you!

Happy March!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Hi everyone!

Are you enjoying the thaw!!!!??? We sure are. 

Canterbury gained a whole three parking spaces out back.  There is always plenty of parking but now we can see our beautiful rose bushes.  Soon they will bloom with the most fragrant aroma.  Our roses are amazing!  If you aren't touring the nearby rose garden at Elizabeth Park, come tour our gardens.  Gladys, who does so much work on them, just agreed to become a board member.  She will be a great addition to our "working board"

I have little cards I sometimes pull out and read each day.  Here is the card for today:

"Celebrate life with this intoxicating passion.  It adds zest to everything and helps build community.  Hold nothing back"

Isn't that fantastic!?

I have my activities hat on today.  We are getting ready for our Birthday party next week and we are stocking the Activities Convenience Store for items our residents may need last minute such as soup and paper towels.

This afternoon we have an antiques apprasal by one of our residents!  Excting!!!!

Staff is having a pizza party :)

Have a great weekend everyone, and it's great to see you again!  If you would like more information about Canterbury Retirement community please contact me at and/or checkout our website at

"Hold nothing back",

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Charge your cell phones!

Hi everyone!  Once again, I missed you :)

A resident helper just said the Governor is to declare a state of emergency today!  Not sure if that is true.  I was thinking about the things you can do to stay safe with all the snow and ice we are having and is forecasted.  First, If you have a cell phone, charge it.  Keep flashlight batteries fresh.  Plan for a power out and place flashlights where you can find them in the dark.
Of course, our residents enjoy the safety of no shoveling, emergency lighting and the coffee is always hot!
So stop by when the weather improves, and we'll pour you a cup!

To make arrangements for a tour, or to contact me go to

Hilda, our head Housekeeper just said "good morning, breakfast is ready" to a resident sitting in the foyer.  I went down to find fresh Challa (sp?) bread (with butter and Welch's grape jelly?) and Cinnamon rolls!  Our Activites Director S. Judy was smart to pick everything up yesterday!

There is so much in the news to worry about...Egypt, Australia, flooded, now a terrible cyclone coming, the bullying of a 13 year old little boy played on camera from a cell phone recording....and so much more to be grateful for about living here at Canterbury where the residents are safe and happy.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Fondly, Emily

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Again, Snow

HI Again!  I wanted to show you our Property Manager Jeffrey helping out our snowplowers:


Hi Everyone! 

You safe and sound?  That WAS a Buffalo snow (big smile).  Wow!

Our Live-In Attendant Nancy said she heard "thunder snow" at 6:00 AM.  Not sure I've heard of that.  Nancy takes over when I leave.  She has an apartment here.  There is always someone here to call on if you need assistance!  She has weekends off and there is an attendant on duty in the office 24/7

I called Ed over to take care of a Maintenance need.  Jim is "stuck on 84".  Ed says it was not "thunder snow" but 16 transformers that "blew" in the Hartford area- that's what people heard and saw (the flashes).  Ed is a former firefighter and EMT so he would know.  he has to have knee surgery next Thursday.  Best of luck Ed.

Our Van got off OK to the grocery store just fine.  Thanks for all the extra digging out Brian!

Hey, I had a lovely comment posted to this blog.  Thank you Eric! That felt great!

Hope everyone who was thinking about moving to "Easy Living" now gives me a call! (860) 232-4833  That snowstorm was a catalyst wasnt it?

See you SOON!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hi Everyone!  I missed you!

Hmmn...Bill Hawthorne asked me to return his email as he could not find an email address.  Our address Bill, is or  Bill blogs about senior issues so this could be the beginning of something interesting!

Okay, back on topic!  I am from Buffalo!  Needless to say I am whistling a happy tune today (walking in a winter wonderland to be exact).  In the middle of the night, gently, and peacefully, the world will change and a blanket of white will slowly descend and cover us.  Any animals that jump and hop around will leave their mark for us to see, and a wonderful sight will emerge.

Unless you have to shovel it!  Perhaps because I am from Buffalo, I set up our snowplowing contract here at Canterbury to include as many inches as may fall, vs. paying by the inch as some do.  We have the nicest person to help us plow our snow, Alex.  Our Property manager, Jeff, will probably help out during this big storm.

So no worries here- you are safe from harm, AND shoveling!