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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Contented sigh

Hi Everyone!

I missed you, and this.  I've been tweeting a little; it's not just for birds anymore!

This morning I received an email that spoke right to my heart, and I had that sigh of relief that comes with knowing I am right on the same page with someone; no words needed.

It's the same relief I see on the faces of newer residents, still gaging their surroundings, when they are understood by both staff and residents.   Their needs are met without their having to state them.  It's what we are here for, and truthfully what we're good at.

I saw it on the faces of a son and dad when I pulled out the first aid kit yesterday to stop the blood.  We are prepared.  We understand what your needs are.  Pull the cord if you are having an emergency and you wont be alone; we will be right by your side in moments, 24/7.

How can I not be emotional?  This is important!

As I face my own father's aging, I'm reminded of how lucky we are here to have had the brilliant mind of our founder Ray Roy, the man who hired me and who built Canterbury.  Proudly we are one of the first of its kind in the area.  Our former Marketing Director happily had his own dad retire here a few years ago.  Actually most find us by word of mouth.  With our age change to 55, we have several younger, active, working people who have moved in, but we also cater to those in their later years.  You have your independence at Canterbury, and gentle un-intrusive support if and when you need it.

Just this very morning I was chatting with yet another lovely daughter-in-law helping her parents move in.  I asked, "How did you hear about us"?  She said when her parents, in their nineties, were thinking about a move, she asked around at work about possibilities for them.  Her co-worker said "I'll get you a booklet, my parents are happy there (here at Canterbury)"

Her husband just came to the office door:
He: "There's some grocery carts out here...may I use one (to bring items up and down)"
Me: "Of course, that's what they're here for" 
It's an absolute joy to see people learn we ARE what they'd hoped we'd be.  The details have been considered.  You are safe and you are loved here.  Isn't that what we are all looking for?

Hey! Our nurse is here, anyone need their blood pressure checked?  There's a continental breakfast set up outside the library.  Come on over!

It's great to be back at Canterbury.

With Warm Regards and Best Wishes,