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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Power outs!

Hi Everyone! 

How is your January going?  We have had a lot of celebrations, including Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  One resident had a 90 years young birthday bash in the dining room, and another had a 55 years young celebration in the Rec. Room!

We are having a resident meeting today and one thing I am reminding our residents is this:

If you have a power out, call CL&P at 860-947-2000 and they may have information for you.  They then report it to the field.  If just one resident calls, they figure it might be something in the apartment.  If you all call, they know the whole complex has an issue. The same is true if you are in your individual home.

I learned this when I volunteered for a town emergency management operations, straight from the CL&P representative, and I called today to confirm it and they said it is true, true, true!

One of the owners is working on having our electric costs lessened by adding the bills together.  There is always a member of the team working to help us run more efficiently, that's why we not only are one of the oldest Retirement Communities on the area, we are probably the most affordable.

Stop on in and say hello.  I'll give you a brochure and show you around.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Difference

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am puling out boxes of pictures I have at home, one box at a time.  My motivation is a favor for a friend who lost his daughter to a brain tumor when she was only seven years young.  I love taking pictures and I have some great photographs of her over the years that he wants to see.

Our Property Manager Jeff (his dad, Aunt and Uncle built Canterbury) has a big heart.  One lady was planning a move to Canterbury from a big house across the street from Elizabeth Park.  She had to pick and choose her favorite things, and one HUGE china cabinet would not fit.  Jeff cares.  Jeff is a problem solver.

Here's what he did:

He didn't ask for money, or even thanks.  He just got the job done! His family owns much of the equiptment that other places have to rent and therefore he saves us A LOT of money!

That's why you will find our prices to be the same as in an ordinary apartment down the street with no services!

Guess who just walked in!


XO Emily