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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Have some Compassion


It is amazing to know people are reading this blog!  Please, click wherever it says to (on the right I think) to become a "follower".  That would inspire me!  Please?  Be brave :)

Our van is at The Hibachi Grill right now.  I am putting fresh tulips and roses around this big house to give the feeling of spring to an otherwise dreary day (it's working).

It is tough sometimes, especially for people losing their vision, not to have a sunny day.  These flowers are perking us all up!  Hopefully those experiencing flooding will stay safe.

I was at a board meeting last night and several people's phones went off about the amber alert.  I am so sad to wake to the news of a 47 year old grandmother with a hx of mental illness...that her grandchildren..and she...

I am just so sad about this.

I was thinking earlier about family issues that don't get resolved, and disease processes that may make a parent say something they might otherwise have thought twice about.  Sometimes, I am in the middle of  hurt feeling in my job as Executive Director and I am available, door open, to listen; and importantly not judge anyone.  Please, forgive something your aging parent has said or done, because they need you!!!!  I should title this post "High Road".

Once I drove 400 miles to take care of my dad who, sadly, had just gotten a feeding tube.  When I walked in he exclaimed "You need to lose weight"!  That was my greeting...and he was right!  I'd gained weight :)  I re-play in my head what I should-have-said....such as "oh no, clearly you need a nursing home!- you're delerious (he was living in a lovely condo)"..use humor to lighten the mood (which he was doing also).

That is another good thing about here, at The Canterbury.  We are family and we support each other.  We notice when someone is "off" and try our best to get them the help they need, and offer compassion.  We do not judge, or criticize (but we do gossip a wee bit).

Someone at my board meeting last night (nothing to do with the Canterbury- a volunteer activity of mine) was talking about someone else afterward and I was so shocked.  I just am not used to being around people who are critical of others.

I do not know why that grandmother did not get the help she needed...that let her to this horrific crime...
but I do know it takes a village.  I hope big changes come, and they come soon.

As a friend of mine says, "In the Greatest of Hope",

(PS- Jeff (I forgot to look what he was wearing on his feet) is going up on the roof as I write this to help Direct TV do an is pouring rain and I REALLY want him to stay safe!  His father, rest his soul, did not want him on the roof!  His God father happens to be our van driver so I just asked him to go pray near where they are-lol)

Friday, February 15, 2013

I just thought this picture was PERFECT!  This is what is taking place RIGHT NOW in our dining room!  Reeelaxing; the life of leisure!  This lady walks at least two to three miles a day, every day, so it is good to see her relax.
BIG HUGS!and Happy Belated VALENTINE'S DAY (I was spoiled by the residents-flowers, candy AND perfume!).  We put whipped cream in everything yesterday!