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Monday, May 21, 2012

Encouragement and Support

Hi Everyone!
It has been way too long!

I have been trying to pen a note to you about encouragement and support, the kind you get here at The Canterbury.

This idea grew after a board meeting we had recently.
Someone mentioned the great things we are doing on the internet.  It made me want to get busy and to do more!

It is one thing to do well at something, it is another to do well and get support and encouragement for your efforts.  Here's a visual:

This is Barbara.  She just returned from her doctor's office where he gave her a "celebrating hope" bear.  I asked if she wanted to tell you more about this and she looked at the picture and said "it tells the whole story".  Celebrating with her doctor, then with me, and soon her friends at Canterbury makes her experience with prolonged good health all the richer!

We strive to have consistency in the office, a smile, no negativity, criticism or gossip.

"I heard your voice, you are young and I feel better around youger people" Nora says to me.  "They think and feel different" she adds.  She likes to get a boost from the energy of the Office Attendant, especially on rainy days.  Her vision is declining and life is especially difficult for her on cloudy days.  Nora moved in with her husband, and when he passed away her son asked if she would like to come live with him.  She replied that she wants to stay here.  "I need people because once I get involved in old thoughts I can not solve anything or do anything".  "You release your thoughts and your brain gives you a break"

Tomorrow a resident gets radium and chemo. treatments.  We have it on our wall calendar here in the office, and will be with her every step of the way to encourage and support this person.

I guess that's what you call family.  We are your Canterbury family. . . Soooo Come on over!