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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The grace of this place

Hi Folks!

I was reading last night and the author unknowingly described Canterbury!  Here's an excerpt:

"...the felt as if everyone had relaxed...the tension had gone and its absence was palpable...a field of grace emerges as people come together...for acts of good intention, such as helping others after disasters.  You can sense the absence of negativity in a field of grace, for example, and though it may not last long, the sensation that negativity has evaporated is akin to the absence of...tension, as if a soft harmonious breeze has filled the room.  Everyone settles into an effortless place of calm and without being led into forming a chorus of breathing together they silently unite into one whole breath.  Such is the absence of negativity and rarely do people emerge rapidly from such inner tranquility.  They want to reside in this grace as long as they can, not because they recognize it as grace but because for a small second, they are aware they are experiencing a calmness that is not self-generated or contrived or imagined.  It is a calmness that has been bestowed upon them and this is a calmness they will seek to return to again and again."

The Author, Myss, is talking about meditating.  When I read it I thought about how it is being at The Canterbury Retirement Community.  Of course I do take some artistic license here as the occasional Ned negative does cross our path, and of course sometimes people do have troubles or emergencies we are here to respond to and help with. 

Overall I'd say the author did a wonderful job explaining one of the reasons Canterbury is so special.  Can this be accomplished at a bigger retirement residence?  Probably, but I think the fact that we are only forty-four residences helps with the true community feel.  People know each other here and both staff and residents have concern, respect and care for each other.  You can feel it when you visit, and you can see it and read about  it on our website ( under "resident testimonials".

We are  THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN TOWN, but not anymore! On Saturday we were where It seemed thousands were; at the Park Road Parade.  Hopefully Jeremy will download some pictures he took at the event (but show them to us before you post them please Jeremy-laugh).  I have some pictures too, but I still have not taken the time to figure out how to transfer pictures from the digital camera to the computer.  I had that on my "to do" list for the weekend but you know how that goes.  The Park Road Parade: sounds like a good topic for my next blog.  I do want to send my heartfelt thanks to the parade goers for clapping as we drove by.  My eyes are welling up with tears as I think about that so I'm going to sign off now!

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