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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Supported and smiling

Hi all-

One thing that is true at Canterbury is you will feel supported!  Here is an example:

When I returned from my sad events there were cards...lots of them, and flowers!

A huge group of residents had gotten together to make a donation to a charity in my dad's name.

One gal who fills in for me works at a bank.  She paid attention to the one month anniversary of my dad's passing and asked if I'd like the day off.  She says she feels wonderful when she comes here, everyone is so warm and caring (she has had major losses of her own).  She wants to know if I want to have a long weekend "off".  She is doing for me what I wasn't doing for myself because she cares.  She said our van driver told her "thank-you for giving Emily a day off" and told me "you are loved" here.

Perhaps it is our size, maybe it is the length of time employees have invested in their careers here, certainly it is our wonderful residents who set the tone...Canterbury is truly a nice place to be!

If you are reading this because you are wondering if your parent will get support if he/she/they move in- they will!

Even our mailman is a riot!  I commented on how his hair had grown and he said he was having it cut today.  I suggested bangs and he talked about his ideas.  "Whatever I do I'm going to look good", he said.  Ha!

I'm smiling!

Take good care and be happy.


I had to come back.  Our former Live-In-Attendant is here helping a resident and she spotted another resident, and embraced her like a sister (this resident is one of the sweetest, kindest ladies I personally have ever met).  They re-created it for me so I could share it with you.  Unfortunately the first picture is a little blurry (charging the battery now) but here you go:

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