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Monday, June 11, 2012

Something to blog about.

Well good morning and Happy Monday!

We have had some excitement this morning, but wait, I'll tell you about that later.  I have something to show you first.

I received a note about pretty flowering plants that our residents Linda and Rita had purchased for our gardens.  Just now, Rita came in with a Thank-you note from a fellow resident who is doing most of the gardening.  Here she is:

Eunice not only works tirelessly around the gardens, she takes care of the Thank-You notes also!
As an aside: I thought it was neat that the colors on the Thank-you note matched her outfit exactly!
While I was writing this out van driver Brian, marvelled that he made a copy on our new(ish) copier without messing up!  Hurray for Brian!

So, when I was coming in this morning, I noticed a chipmunk where a brick should be. Here's a visual:
AND, Elma from housekeeping later informed me there was a chipmunk in the building!  He was in the basement.  I called next door (The Holiday) for back up, to no avail.  Hilda from housekeeping came off the elevator and said "here he is" and I watched as the little looked it up it's vermin (lol) scurried down the hallway!

What I did next was BRILLIANT AND BRAVE!  I opened the center front and back doors, and ran around to the side door where he was running.  Then I pounded the broom (hard- I was scared he would run over my sandaled feet) on the ground as he (or she) ran out the door.  That little guy (or gal) was so scared and disoriented he ran back and forth out front for a minute before hiding!  Glad I had my wheaties this morning.  Sure beats a medical emergency!

I did however, break the broom:
So that's my story from the house this beautiful morning.  Come on over and check out our beautiful grounds, and Chipmunk free living :)
Good to see you again,

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