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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We're having a PROM!

Hi All!

I am sorry, I have been slow to blog...really since my dad passed away in February.  I am just getting back to my old self I guess.

  What a great thing we have to look forward to at The Canterbury...

It all started when Rachel from the University of Hartford called.
She asked if the new members of the sororities and fraternities could have a PROM here for us.

I said (a resounding) YES!!!!

She said, and reiterated this when we met today, she had called all over to nursing homes, assisted and independent Living facilities and everyone told her NO, that it was not what they were looking for.

She said "and you were so excited".

I remember being extremely excited when she called!  I remember her saying she had been calling around all day and did I really mean it.

Am I missing something?  They aren't bringing a keg or anything (I asked).
The theme will be a masquerade ball; they will provide the dj, horsdevours, masks, etc. (who knows what these young fertile minds will come up with)

I took some pictures of them organizing today...and meeting some of the (also enthused) residents.

Let me go get them.........

Okay- that's my dad visiting me in Connecticut from Buffalo (isn't he cute?). Sorry, got distracted.
I stayed up too late watching the election and the worry about our storm Sandy victims also has me a little , um, scattered.  Our Property manager may bring a truck full of gifts and supplies down to New Jersey himself.
Here they are, Rachel and Tiffany from the Uof H- Go Greek life!
When they left, our resident Nora said, "That is the best age in a human life".

xo everyone,

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