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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Hi All!!!!

Again I have not been here in a while!  After an awesome office renovation, new computer, and LOTS of new people moving in I am back here on blogger to say hello!

I took pictures through the entire renovation so I will get busy making an album for you to see (it is wonderful).  Brent did the whole thing- really amazing.
I have everything at hand, and life is good.

Our Activities planning committee is meeting next Thursday at 3:00 PM.  We are sure to have a new round of fun trips planned.  Today our residents went to the Clock and Watch museum in New Britain.  I'm not sure where they decided to go for lunch but they beat the rain! 

All our residents and our staff have been watering round the clock to keep our gardens happy.  Some weather huh!?

Jeff finally had a week off.  He went to a dude ranch and had a great time. 
Laura our cook gave us a surprise visit from Ryan at our 4th of July picnic.  Ryan was born on March 25th. He looks fantastic, mom and dad are doing a great job :)  Ryan's dad AND grandfather were here helping with the picnic too.  Take a look on facebook to see those pictures...and some others too (I'm there).

Again, please do not hesitate to be a follower on here.  It doesn't take much time and we sure do appreciate it.
Great to see you again!  Emily

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