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Friday, October 18, 2013


Hi Everyone!

I have been neglecting this blog and I do apologize to those who do follow it (I checked the stats- It is SO NICE to be seen from all over the WORLD! Thank-you for that).

I took six days off to just lull, and today I am back and am reminded how it is like family here; not work.  No wonder I have stayed so long. 

Right now John is giving a tour, it is absolutely gorgeous outside, our resident Dorothy stopped in and showed me a mug her daughter made for her birthday, and our van driver, maintenance and housekeeping staff are hard at work.  Thanks Brian (Van Driver) for going to the bank for us...twice!Our cook has the night off; good for her, she deserves it.

Dorothy's daughter took a picture right from our Facebook page and made a mug for her mom.  Check out our page here:

The picture is from when our Property Manager's farm animals came to visit and spent the day on our front lawn.  Dorothy is bending down to pet a goat.  I remember taking a great picture of her with a horse named Sam also.

Linda has completed the Winnie-The-Poo topper for our Atheneum tree; "A beary Merry Christmas". 

I am working on our activities bulletin for next week.  Last week we went to Yankee Candle and this week we are heading to Burlington Coat Factory and the Cracker Barrel restaurant.  Fun!

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather.  The scenery out there is absolutely surreal.  Have a wonderful weekend until we meet again.


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