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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time Flies

Hi everyone!

I can not believe it is November 17th already!
Soon we will have snow.

There is ALWAYS something going on to pull me away from this blog!  Our Maintenance Man realized a resident wanted to ride to Walgreen's but hadn't signed up so he ran out to stop the van.  He asked me to call said resident to say the van is back and ready for her to get on.  So wait one moment.

I ran into our Activities Director who is organizing a dinner for residents who will be here on Thanksgiving.  She is checking the list to see who signed up.

Turns out Brian, if you remember he's our Van Driver, went to the third floor to escort the lady down :)  Awwww....that's service!

Speaking of service....our Maintenance Man, Jim,  took a walk with one of our residents  today because she was feeling a little "blue".  They went to the nearby school to visit with the kids.

This is a popular time for people to move into retirement living.  After paying for the leaves to be cleaned up many do not want to pay for snow plowers or worry about slipping.  Look through your checkbook to see what you pay for utilities and services for where you live now.  I believe you will find that The Canterbury has all those services, and more, for less money.  I'm told  a regular apartment around the corner with no services costs the same or MORE! After approximately 25 years in business we must be doing a few things right!  Have you noticed we rarely advertise?  Most of our residents come from word-of-mouth referrals.

The van dropped off a group of people who are full from eating at Hometown Buffet.  Now they are in the dining room enjoying coffee and conversation.  I hear "did you sign up for dinner in the dining room tomorrow, or are you riding the van to the grocery store"?

There are many choices here.  See for yourself at

Have a lovely evening and hope to see you soon!

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