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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hi Everyone!

How are you?  I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and were able to take a good look at your gratitude list.  I know I did!

Brian, our Van Driver,  is in between doctors appointments for residents and is vaccuuming the van.  Our Maintenance Director Jim is checking in with Hilda and Elma from Housekeeping who have joined the residents and Activities Director Sister Judy at our coffee hour.  We are serving huge, fresh croissants with all kinds of choices for toppings such as creem cheese and jelly (just try to lose weight here).

Sister Judy just announced she's heading out to get a video and Latkes for the Hanuka party.  She's always planning and running errands for the next party or get together.  Jim is lighting the foyer for the festival of lights.  Drive by, you can see it from the street!

Our residents came together in our dining room Monday and Thanksgiving day to celebrate together.
Being around those we love is important, especially during the holidays. If you do not have family and friends around you at least you can do loving things for yourself like get extra rest if your body is asking for it or read a good novel.

Some of our residents work full time and are happy just to have a day off to sleep in, or watch the sunrise and just relax and not have to be anywhere.

There's some folks from Canterbury who had to spend their holidays in the hospital or rehab.  I am thinking of all of them, and wishing they have peace, comfort and joy.

I heard this morning the comment "only the loving find love and they never have to seek for it".  When you walk in the doors of Canterbury you are loved right away, just because you are here!

Hurray, the mailman Ted is here!

Time for me to get to some paperwork...see you soon.

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