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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hi Everyone! 

You safe and sound?  That WAS a Buffalo snow (big smile).  Wow!

Our Live-In Attendant Nancy said she heard "thunder snow" at 6:00 AM.  Not sure I've heard of that.  Nancy takes over when I leave.  She has an apartment here.  There is always someone here to call on if you need assistance!  She has weekends off and there is an attendant on duty in the office 24/7

I called Ed over to take care of a Maintenance need.  Jim is "stuck on 84".  Ed says it was not "thunder snow" but 16 transformers that "blew" in the Hartford area- that's what people heard and saw (the flashes).  Ed is a former firefighter and EMT so he would know.  he has to have knee surgery next Thursday.  Best of luck Ed.

Our Van got off OK to the grocery store just fine.  Thanks for all the extra digging out Brian!

Hey, I had a lovely comment posted to this blog.  Thank you Eric! That felt great!

Hope everyone who was thinking about moving to "Easy Living" now gives me a call! (860) 232-4833  That snowstorm was a catalyst wasnt it?

See you SOON!

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