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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hi Everyone!  I missed you!

Hmmn...Bill Hawthorne asked me to return his email as he could not find an email address.  Our address Bill, is or  Bill blogs about senior issues so this could be the beginning of something interesting!

Okay, back on topic!  I am from Buffalo!  Needless to say I am whistling a happy tune today (walking in a winter wonderland to be exact).  In the middle of the night, gently, and peacefully, the world will change and a blanket of white will slowly descend and cover us.  Any animals that jump and hop around will leave their mark for us to see, and a wonderful sight will emerge.

Unless you have to shovel it!  Perhaps because I am from Buffalo, I set up our snowplowing contract here at Canterbury to include as many inches as may fall, vs. paying by the inch as some do.  We have the nicest person to help us plow our snow, Alex.  Our Property manager, Jeff, will probably help out during this big storm.

So no worries here- you are safe from harm, AND shoveling!

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