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Friday, February 18, 2011


Hi everyone!

Are you enjoying the thaw!!!!??? We sure are. 

Canterbury gained a whole three parking spaces out back.  There is always plenty of parking but now we can see our beautiful rose bushes.  Soon they will bloom with the most fragrant aroma.  Our roses are amazing!  If you aren't touring the nearby rose garden at Elizabeth Park, come tour our gardens.  Gladys, who does so much work on them, just agreed to become a board member.  She will be a great addition to our "working board"

I have little cards I sometimes pull out and read each day.  Here is the card for today:

"Celebrate life with this intoxicating passion.  It adds zest to everything and helps build community.  Hold nothing back"

Isn't that fantastic!?

I have my activities hat on today.  We are getting ready for our Birthday party next week and we are stocking the Activities Convenience Store for items our residents may need last minute such as soup and paper towels.

This afternoon we have an antiques apprasal by one of our residents!  Excting!!!!

Staff is having a pizza party :)

Have a great weekend everyone, and it's great to see you again!  If you would like more information about Canterbury Retirement community please contact me at and/or checkout our website at

"Hold nothing back",

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