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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March first! File of Life.

Hi Everyone!-

I couldn't let the first day in March go by without saying "hello"!

June Gifford, our resident and a former ER nurse, is running an activity helping people fill out the File of Life card.  Our friends at the West Hartford Fire Department were kind enough to donate these life-saving information cards that stay on your refrigerator.

In case of emergency,  all pertinent information emergency personnel need is right at their fingertips.  They know what hospital you prefer even if you are unable to tell them, as well as other potentially life-saving health information!

Below is a picture of Hanna and June filling out the File of Life card.

If you don't have one, stop by.  We would be glad to share ours.  Come to 45 Highland Street in West Hartford CT, right between Fern Street and Farmington Avenue.  We will have a pot of coffee on and we look forward to seeing you!

Happy March!

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