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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Party!

Hi Everyone!
Today the hairdresser is here getting everyone ready for the Birthday party we are havibng this afternoon.  Every month we celebrate all the birthdays of the month.  We have entertainment, goodies and cake!  Even gluten free products for those who have special dietary needs or are watching their figure!
Did I already mention we are reading Water for Elephants and having a discussion about it on Tuesday, then going to see the movie on Wednesday?  After that we are meeting with Bristow school across the street to discuss the book Waiting for Normal.
I will try to get some pictures up here today :)
Have a wonderful day and enjoy watching everything bloom.  Your social life could also bloom if you made the move to community living.  At Canterbury you can do your own thing, or participate in group activities.  The choice is yours to dine with us, or prepare meals in your fully appointed kitchen.  Our van driver is starting the van now to bring residents to Big Y.  It's so convenient to have this service and your grocery bags are carried right to your kitchen counter.  You get to save your energy for the fun things like the party this afternoon.
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Thanks for your interest :)

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