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Monday, April 18, 2011

Happiness is.....

Happiness is having great residents and staff (really).
As I sat in the dining room with Mr. Pierce going over the welcome book, I watched as resident after resident extended a warm hand of friendship to this gentleman.  We really are a friendly and close knit group here.  It was great to see such warmth, but really nothing new, I just took the opportunity to really take it in.
Before that, I sat with a group of residents for our book group to discuss The Help.  We had such a wonderful time getting better acquainted by telling our stories that related to the story we read.  Next up is Water For Elephants, and then we will see the film.  After that we meet with the kids from Bristow Middle School to discuss the book Waiting For Normal.
One of the Property Management team was distracting me while I wrote this (Ed).  He said something critical about someone and I wrote on the back of a saying I carried in my purse today "Rx: no gossip or criticism" of others today.  He was cute.  He taped it to his sweatshirt and walked off with a big grin.
I have pictures but am having trouble finding where they downloaded to on this laptop.  I also took a picture of Ed helping a resident (Linda) get something out of her eye, after my attempt failed. Time to go see who is winning the Wii bowling tournament in the lounge next door.
See you soon!

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