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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hi Everyone-

Final plans have been made to have a memorial service for one of our residents.  It is being held here, at The Canterbury.  Her church service has been held and was well attended but her Canterbury friends just need to do more. 

I was looking at pictures of the huge prayer vigil in Colorado.  It's difficult to get reports and projects done, brochures mailed, as we are one big family mourning with the 13 families who have lost a member.  13 because the man I don't care to name, the shooter, is obviously gone and lost too, just in a different way.

And all those poor people recovering...

I just feel so sad that the young shooter didn't get the help he obviously so obviously needed...sad he didn't have people paying attention to his mental health and state of mind.

No one paying attention, that's a crime too.

At Canterbury you can keep to yourself, avoid activities and services, but no one gets lost...that's what community is.

I sat outside for a moment today with one of our residents and she pointed out the cloudless blue, blue sky. It was peaceful.  She noticed the birds weren't as active at the feeder today and my guess was they were staying in the shade of this warm day.  I joked that she was properly appreciating her retirement.  She responded how nice it is to be around the people here.  She, a former popular Realtor in town, is used to being busy and having people around.  Now that she is retired she is glad to be here, with people to talk to. She is the oldest member of her country club she shared.  She brought one of our newer residents there recently.

Even our competition loves us, they just brought me chocolate chip cookies and peeked around to see what we are doing right.  We must be doing something right because in September we will have been here 25 years!

I must go give some cookies away!

Take good care,


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