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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hi everyone!

Woohooo- Had some positive feedback- How NICE!!!!  Thank-you! :-)  I am ALL SMILES now!

Our seniors are happily altering ("manipulating" connotates negativity-lol) the field trip and I am trying to reach the van driver to have him come in an hour early so our residents can get to both Ocean State Job Lot AND Concetta's restaurant.  He needs to be back by 2PM to take those who signed up to Walgreen's and CVS.

 I'll guess he is out doing yardwork.

So, by the time I finish this blog we will see if he gets my message and is able to be here an hour early :-)

"Cleaning is hard work" I said to our head Housekeeper Hilda earlier, as I helped wipe down the desk where the sign in book is.

"Cleaning is hard work but it clears the mind", she replied.  She is wise.  I feel like I know her parents, their wisdom repeated in so many of her words.  Her dad is gone, as is mine as of February, and her mom is recovering with family support.  She is so grateful.

When I returned Monday we found out a beloved resident had a massive stroke.  She passed away shortly after and we are grieving.

It is interesting how differently we handle grief as individuals.  Some cry, some clean, others cry AND clean (lol).  My sister, bless her heart, cleaned out our beachouse from top to bottom while I swooped in on week two to provide support.  She is too far away to even use the house but she was honoring a promise.  It's good to be around people with such integrity.  Also it was a way for her to grieve as she unearthed momentos and photos and we re-lived many memories through the items and photos she found.

It's good to have family.  We were family to the lady we just lost, just as much as her own.  We knew what made her sad and happy, and shared her life on a daily basis.  I'm sad, I've lost a good friend.

Anice young man named Ryan just called back wondering where he had to be at 10:30, I had dialed the wrong number!  I knew it and called Brian back, but didn't know what number I'd called so I didn't try to figure it out.  Ryan was cute!  he said "I got a message, Ryan, you need to be at ? at 10:30.  I can tell I would like him.

Okay, it's 10:05 and i have not heard back from Brian, our Van Driver.  I will keep you posted.

Thank-you to the person who posted a kind comment.  I appreciate it!

Take Care, and it's okay to cry ;-)
But if you want to have fun, laugh, and get to know some great people, come on over to The Canterbury for a tour!

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