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Monday, January 28, 2013

Flu-Like Cold

Hi There!

Have any of you had this Flu-Like Cold that is going around? 
I did!
I am still tired weeks later!
Fortuantely we didn 't have to close our door to the public as many nearby Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities did.

I tried to fight it myself...and finally dragged myself into a CVS walk in clinic on a Saturday afternoon.  I signed in a little after 4pm and was finally taken a little before 5PM.   They had turned away a baby before have to be 18 months old at least to go to the CVS minute clinic.....................................................we interrupt this blog to hear schools are just started snowing...apparently it is going to be just began to snow....unheard of in my native Buffalo but having been here about 20 years now I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

So back to the minute clinic.  Sadly people waiting almost as long as I were turned away!  A lot of people were sick.

But guess what...I was back to my Primary care doctor three days later and he said to his student, what did they forget at the minute clinic.  We both answered "Corticosteroids".

People PLEASE have a regular doctor!  I have learned my lesson about trying to fight a bug myself and not asking for help.

I got busy today...had to leave this blog and not really finish...and yes, we  have SNOW.  So be careful out there!  I'll be back soon.
Until then, Take Care!

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