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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hi Everyone!

I talked to someone really nice yesterday evening...normal...we clicked (at least I hindsight).  We talked for a long time and it was the first time we had I guess that means we clicked,... right?

Anyways, it reminds me of when the residents move in to The Canterbury.  Many times their situation is that they have lost a spouse or never married and been living at home by a bigger home and had to downsize...(dare I say isolated?)...

(we interrupt this blog to speak with a foreign sounding older lady over the phone who wants "a little job" to help people (send us your resume)...and to let the painter in (and ask advice about a ceiling)...and ask Norman in Maintenance if he wants to stay for today's birthday party)


When the residents at The Canterbury get together and start talking about things they have in common it is MAGIC!  I love to see it!

Companionship is so important!

There's a spring in my step today, and I wanted to share with you the joy of companionship that is Retirement Living here at The Canterbury.  Because we are small we have the opportunity for a real family atmosphere, and some meaningful connections. 

When one resident came down first thing this morning not feeeling well, we found him a ride to get help and he was back in two hours with perscriptions in hand, a diagnosis and a plan...
and most important:

A smile on his face.

I'll leave you with that.

We are having a birthday party today...Come on over!  Watch out for the branches, that was some storm last night!  We were fine, our neighbor wasn't as lucky...had a tree fall down.  No one was hurt, thankfully.

So Take care until we meet again, it is almost party time.

Emily ;)

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  1. I guess you enjoy the party.You had a great time on it.The most important after the party is the "smile on everyone's face". Thanks for posting.

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