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Thursday, November 7, 2013

gentlemen and women

Hi All-

We took our residents on an exciting journey to the Mohegan Sun yesterday.  I love the story being told about another journey, one of Americans returning back from Afghanistan recently .  The way I heard it,  6 servicemen and women had first class tickets home, and 7 others were in Coach on the same plane. 

7 first class ticket holders gave up their seats so ALL the servicemen and women could travel home together in First Class! 

Let me tell you a story about a gentleman here at The Canterbury this morning. 

If our van is full, we have a second trip to the grocery store about an hour and a half later.  You decide which trip of the week is your first choice, and you get to sign up to go at 10am. For an additional trip that week you put your name on the waiting list, which decides if you go at 10 or 11:30am (everyone following this?).  Well ______ (I told her I was writing this but absolutely promised not to name her when I gently let her know what happened later) hopped on the van this morning but she was third on the waiting list (and the 10:00am ride was full).  So David, sitting in the dining room enjoying his morning coffee, gallantly stayed behind and went on the second trip instead of claiming his spot.

I got to hear David's story, from the war, that guarantees in his mind we have a soul.  I had chills. That is a long story short.

Some don't like to talk about the war and their service time.  When it happens I feel honored to listen.

Hope you are enjoying this very cozy rainy day; I am glad to see you again (I can't really tell who is here unless you sign in as a "follower").

Come on over for morning coffee with David next Thursday.  We'll show you around, and maybe tell you a good story.


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