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Friday, September 16, 2011

A big-hearted helper

Hi Folks :)  It's Friday :)

Today I am reflecting on something I'm sure I've said before, but it is amazing how we help each other here. 

The staff is in sync, and the service is astounding.

A regular apartment around the corner, without services and utilities included, costs the same amount as we charge!  That too, is truly amazing!

So, while our van drives all around town dropping people to their appointments, I'll give you two examples:

Yesterday I said to our Maintenance person, "pssst., come over here a minute".  I pointed out a resident working outside along the fence, picking up sticks and twigs. He and I discussed that this resident does a lot of little things for people around here and it adds up to a big- hearted helper around the grounds.  Our Maintenance person suggested I offer him a free dinner in the dining room, which I did.  Our Live-In Attendant said, "Nice of the cook to give this resident a dinner last night, he went into the dining room with the other residents and enjoyed himself".  I thought to myself, the perfect example of why Canterbury "works".  We are smaller and the staff looks out for each and every person.

Example number two (for today)...awwww....sorry...You'll have to wait for number two.  It's about our cook :)

Saying bye to a staff member's her birthday tomorrow!

See you soon,

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