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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Friday to Tuesday, Example number two

Hi All-

Well Friday turned to Monday and Monday went to Tuesday just as quickly.  I hope some of you are waiting for example number two!

Please, especially those of you in India who are following this blog, press "follower" to the lower right.  Don't be shy!

Okay, here it is, example number two of our caring:

For years we have worked with a few different cooks.  We have a lot of residents who are excellent cooks themselves.  When they take a break from that (we have full kitchens in our apartments) they expect a meal prepared well.

After a while, I summed up our needs to the people we chose to have cook for us:  I told them, it matters to me that the residents preferences matter to you.

Well, our cook asked me to print something for another cook filling in for her.  Without namimg anyone, let me share a few remarks she made.  They show how she DOES know the residents AND care!  I was tickled!  No wonder there are no complaints coming to the office about the meals!

First:  "There will be anywhere from _ to _ people"  (she is prepared for anyone deciding last minute-nice!)

"best to leave Mr. and Mrs. _______in the fridge with a note if they do not come to the dining room.

"_______ and _______ usually call later in the afternoon to see if there's room...I bought enough for them too..."

"Mr. and Mrs.______ friend, _____ usually joins them for dinner but has missed the last few, so he's a maybe/maybe not.  Again, plenty to go around."

"Knock on _____ door around 5:00 with a t-minus 30 minutes 'til dinner advisory"

"_________side of horseradish, _________side of white vinegar" get the idea.

This really made me SMILE!  She really cares for the resident needs :D

Thanks for listening :D

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