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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy September First!

Hi Everyone!

It has been busy here at The Canterbury!  We've had seven people move in in the last month and a half.  We are almost out of room!  With new residents come new welcome packets, updates to the birthday list, names on the mailbox and a myriad of other details to attend to.  I have had fun getting to know everyone.  We are LUCKY to have such fine people living here!

I hesitate to say it already, but it will be nice for these folks not to have to worry about snow!  We tend to get busy this time of year.  Now with hurricanes it sure is nice to be together and safe.

I passed a gal with a double stroller on the way in and invited her to come visit sometime.  I told her "I'm the director here, and my mom used to bring me to visit older people.  It was a nice moment when she gave a knowing smile.  She said she knows someone who just  moved in to The Holiday next door. 

Many moms will miss their kids as they head back to school.  Our Property Manager has two beautiful girls, and his wife said exactly that.  Their girls are absolutely lovely to be around.  They are in our Facebook photo album helping with the animals their mom and dad brought from their farm to the Canterbury front lawn!  There are some wonderful visiting grandchildren and pets that truly add life to our years. Here's Maggie's latest victim, Saul:

I'd just told her Saul was her "Grampy"

Hear no evil, see no evil, and bark no evil says "Grampy"

We had visitors over from the Holiday for a Sing-A-Long yesterday afternoon.  Our resident and board member invited her sister to play the piano and one lady from next door absolutely outdid herself singing the gospel hymns.  The moment was unforgettable according to the attendees; "There was love in the room" said one.

Arthur Rubenstein said, "If you love life, life will love you back".  That is what I think of when I think of us here at The Canterbury.  One of our Facebook friends recently posted that quote.  Please do friend us on Facebook, and we'd love to see you as a follower of this blog.  It's nice to see we have followers from as far away as Germany, Saudi Arabia, and more!

Next week we are headed out to the Pequot museum.  Right now, some residents are going through their storage areas, and one resident is teasing, "hurry up the bus is going" to a fellow resident.  Our van is headed to Shop-Rite.  I asked our driver just now, "anything to say for our blog" and he replied "full van today".

I think the gardening ladies should be taken out to dinner soon.  They have outdone themselves!  We have several residents running activities too; Bible study, Crafts, Wii, daily Exercise class, Karaoke, antiques appraisal and more.  What fun, smart and talented people who live here. 

I'm all over the place this morning...I guess a blog should be shorter and more frequent, then I wouldn't feel like I had to cram everything in at once.

I wanted to thank Susan Hulliet from the Town of West Hartford, who called us on Friday to give a telephone number for the Town of West Hartford Emergency Operations center set up for the storm.  That was REALLY NICE.  Our staff had their own extra people in so we didn't have to use that number, but it was nice to have just in case we had a worry about someone.  Thank you!  They refer people to us also, and I appreciate it.  It feels like an honor.

Okay!  Enough.  I am so sentimental.

"It is my nature...when in trouble sing, and it helps"...what a new resident just said when I told her it was so good to have her around here.  I'll end with that :)

Until we meet again,

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